Trading E-mails with Anthony Felder

Linebacker Anthony Felder (6-3, 225) of O’Dea High in Seattle, Wa. traded emails with on Tuesday evening.
Felder was dominant in 2003 recording 146 tackles, nine tackles for loss and five sacks. On offense, he rushed for 446 yards and five touchdowns. He also owns O’Dea’s single-game tackle record with 22 tackles.
As a junior, Felder was selected league defensive co-MVP and was a first-team All-League selection. Felder is a four-star prospect and is rated the No. 12 inside linebacker in the country by
Here are the questions and answers from the email with Felder:
BWI: What offers do you have at this point?
Felder: Nine offers total and seven written from LSU, Washington, Oregon State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Arizona State and Duke. Verbals from Ohio State and Oregon.
BWI: What other schools are recruiting you that have not offered?
Felder: I have received recruiting information from over 30 colleges. Nebraska has sent the most mail without offering.
BWI: What schools are your favorites? Why?
Felder: I don’t like to name favorites because it early in the recruiting process, and I think there could be more offers but I like Penn State. I like the tradition and the legacy of Paterno. Beaver Stadium looks awesome. I can only imagine myself playing there in front of 108,000 fans. That would be something special. The education there is excellent the graduation rate is high and they have great academic support for their players.
BWI: How much will location play a factor in your decision of selecting a school?
Felder: Location is a factor but will not keep me from leaving home if the fit is right. My parents support my decision either way.
BWI: Are most schools looking at you as a linebacker?
Felder: Every school that is recruiting me want me as a linebacker. Most of them have never seen me as a running back but I like to think I can play WILL on either side of the ball. But I prefer defense so linebacker is fine with me.
BWI: With former teammate Chancellor Young going to Duke in the latest class, how much of an impact will that have on you? How much do you guys talk about the recruiting process?
Felder: Chancellor Young is a great player and leader. It was fun having him as a teammate. Duke will be a better team with him. Going to school at Duke was the right decision for him. I have to look at what is right for me. We don’t really talk that much about recruiting, we mostly talk about stuff besides football.
BWI: How much interest has Penn State shown in you? What coach is recruiting you from Penn State?
Felder: Penn State has shown me lots of love. I get a lot of information in the mail. I feel like I know a lot about Penn State already. Jay Paterno came out to
my school and called me during May. We talked about some of Penn State’s great linebacker’s like Brandon Short & LaVar Arrington. He said the decision to offer was a no brainier. That really made me feel good.
BWI: How much of an interest do you have in Penn State and what do you know about the school and football team?
Felder: I’m very interested in Penn State. I’m learning more and more about Penn State as time goes by. I want to take a visit in the fall.
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