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QB battle continues

They both played. They both passed, ran and were sacked. And according to quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno, they will both play next week against Alabama.
"Everyone gets caught up in who's getting off the bus first," Paterno said. "We're not looking at it that way. We're looking at it that they're both gonna play and they both can help us win."
Maybe a lot can't be taken away from today's performance against a dismal Indiana State team in a game where all points were produced from rushing touchdowns, but both Rob Bolden and Matt McGloin walked away from today's matchup feeling confident in their performances.
Bolden went 6 for 12 with 37 yards. McGloin went 6 for 8 with 77 yards. However, a dropped Bolden to Derek Moye touchdown pass early in the first series hurt Bolden's final numbers.
"He threw a perfect pass," Moye said. "I kind of waited on it instead of jumping up for it. You always feel bad when you drop a ball but the coaches still see it as a good pass."
Bolden also took to the run often today and suffered some tough hits when he did.
"I never played baseball," Bolden said. "So I need to work on my sliding technique."
Paterno, who said they've been showing Bolden footage of infamous non-slider Michael Robinson, joked that the hits today should help Bolden prepare for next week.
"Now when he gets hit, and much harder, next week, it won't be such a shock," Paterno said.
Despite both Bolden and McGloin showing obvious frustration with the situation, both have tried to maintain positive attitudes about the current rotation Paterno indicated he'll stick with.
"It definitely takes a toll on you mentally," McGloin said. "But you have to take it one rep at a time and know that if you continue to produce they'll have no option but to play you."
"It's different," Bolden said. "I've never been in this situation before. But it's Joe's call and I'm just gonna keep practicing and keep playing."
While the quarterbacks may not be able to determine who gets the check mark next to their name today, it's clear that next week's matchup will have a great potential of showing who can perform in big time games. Bolden was the lone quarterback in last year's game against Alabama, but it seems as though McGloin will definitely be getting his own shot this year.
"Obviously I'd like to be that one guy," McGloin said. "But it's Joe's decision."