Nitt Clips: Ware tries to make weight

The 2009 football season is quickly approaching and one of the Nittany Lions' oft-talked about newcomers is looking to make an impact this year.
Will Brandon Ware be physically ready for the challenge, though?
BWI caught up with Ware at Friday's Lift for Life event
BWI: What is Joe Paterno's required weight for you this season and are you there yet?
Ware: They want me around 325, yeah, 325. Right now, I'm like, yesterday I was 338. So I'm not quite there yet. I've been about the same since the spring game. But I've been losing weight since I came here. So, I'm not there yet but I'm still trying. I guess I'm trying to get my body fat down too. So, it's not a problem being at a certain weight as long as your body fat is low. Mine right now is probably at like 24.
BWI: How challenging has the whole process of cutting weight been?
Ware: I mean, people think it's like workouts but it's really my diet and what I eat. If I eat right, I know I could lose like four pounds a week. So, I'm going to have to start eating lots of greens...
BWI: What are you hoping for this year?
Ware: I'm trying to just get as much playing time as I can. Whatever I can do to help the team. Whatever they need.
BWI: What position are you at?
Ware: One-technique.
BWI: Who is in front of you?
Ware: Right now, Ollie Ogbu and Abe Koroma. Ollie plays mostly one-technique. Abe can play either technique.