Nitt Clips: Lion logo lift No. 2

It started in the north end zone.
Tuesday, the ongoing scoreboard renovation at Beaver Stadium took another step forward with the addition of another Nittany Lion logo affixed to the back side of the south end zone scoreboard.
According to a university press release, the video boards measure 35 feet wide by 25 feet high, weigh approximately 6,500 pounds, and contain approximately 1,400 LED lights.
This, of course, coming just a couple of weeks after new Penn State head coach James Franklin discussed some of the important improvements necessary to the Nittany Lions' football facilities while on the Coaches Caravan.
"To be honest with you, it's everything," he said. "It's nothing really structurally, but it's the indoor facility, our turf needs to be replaced outside and inside. The carpet, the paint, the branding, the furniture, the technology."
Already in the process of making cosmetic changes around Penn State's football facilities, Blue White Illustrated has been told the program is also in the beginning stages of discussions regarding more substantive improvements that could come in the future.