Nitt Clips: Catching up with Kersey

Is Penn State redshirt freshman wide receiver Shawney Kersey ready to contribute this season? Blue White Illustrated caught up with him during last week's Penn State media day at Beaver Stadium to find out about his expectations for the season ahead.
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BWI: What influence have Graham Zug and Derek Moye had on you so far in your career?
Kersey: Derek and Graham are really like my mentors. They really help me a lot. They told me how to do it in the game and in practice and how to impress Mike, so, they help me a whole lot.
BWI: Where do you see yourself fitting in with the wideout corps this year?
Kersey: I mean, I could see myself rotating in and out with Zug and Moye. I can just contribute right now. I'm not going to be a starter right now. I'm still kind of young, so, I can see myself going in and out and contributing in any way they need me to.
BWI: What are the expectations for the receiving corps as a whole this year?
Kersey: I mean, we have high expectations and we're hoping for big things. We can bring a lot to the table, we just gotta keep working hard.
BWI: Who has made strides at quarterback?
Kersey: I mean, they're all doing like, really good, so it's going to be a hard decision for the coaches and for us to even know or determine who is the best. So, they're all just at their A-game right now. That's a good thing though. So, we'll just have to see.
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