New Lions make trip to Happy Valley

Penn State's Class of 2014 is making its way to State College this weekend to finally begin their careers as Nittany Lions.
Arriving as early as Thursday, but the majority expected to arrive today and tomorrow, the new Nittany Lions will check in at the Lasch Building before proceeding through the typical "new student" routine of gathering keys, getting housing instructions, and actually moving into their dorms.
With a huge time window to get moved in - the days of an attache case with a few clothes and a pillow are over - the Nittany Lions will then return to Lasch Building to meet with football personnel, including a physical, having photos taken and other miscellaneous tasks to get out of the way upon having first set foot on Penn State's campus.
Update: After having the weekend to get settled in, the real work begins Monday as workouts begin.
As you can see below, the newest Nittany Lions have been Tweeting about their experiences traveling from their home towns to Happy Valley, of which we've collected some highlights.
3 more days in Ashburn, then off to State College- Trace McSorley (@TM7_NextGen) June 25, 2014
I hate packing 😫- Amani Oruwariye™ (@ooFUTURISTICoo) June 26, 2014
We here!! #PENNSTATE- KOA (@KOAFARMER) June 26, 2014
Last night was my last one in Middletown. Thought it would be smooth sailing till I started saying my last goodbyes. #Rough- Chance Sorrell (@Chanman158811) June 27, 2014
Today was my last full day in Tuscaloosa.....- T.Brown (@torrencebrown11) June 27, 2014
Finally made it to state college!- Grant Haley (@haleyboy10) June 27, 2014