Jarrett nearing a decision

It's an understandably confusing time for Stroudsburg (Pa.) East Stroudsburg South defensive back Kyshoen Jarrett, but things may be clearing up in the near future.
Penn State, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Stanford, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin all made Jarrett's previous cut, but half of those schools will likely fall out of contention next week.
"Everything is going pretty well, the only thing I'm close to doing is probably making my top five," said Jarrett. "It probably won't be now, it will probably be next week or something like that. I'm not really in a rush."

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Jarrett has also admittedly been fighting with himself about making a decision much sooner rather than later.
"I really want to take my officials first, but of course you have your days where you think 'This is where I want to go,' but then you have a mixed decision later," he said. "You see the kids going now, and you know there's no rush to commit, but the friends that you've made within the recruiting process start to commit, you wonder when it's going to be your turn."
The four-star prospect has seen a number of friends within the process commit to Pittsburgh recently, including Pennsylvania prospects Jameel Poteat and Terrell Chestnut. Many of those players are working on him to become a Panther as well.
"Most of the people I know inside the recruitment are going to Pitt," he said. "They're not really coming after me with anything serious, but once they committed to Pitt they are saying, 'make the best decision for yourself, of course it would be good if you came here.' You can see the bonding, but they're really not sweating it. They're encouraging me to make the best decision for me, which is what I did for them before they made that decision."
With preseason practice starting in a week, there's just one possible visit remaining on his summer schedule.
"I might be going to the little Pitt barbecue on Saturday, but I'm not sure. I may just be going to Pitt period with some of the Pitt commits to just hang out to give me something to do before the season starts," he said. "But I don't really feel like I'm going to go anywhere before the season starts."
Penn State is another school likely to make Jarrett's next round of cuts, and he said the Nittany Lions have kept in contact through assistant coaches Dick Anderson and Mike McQueary
"Thursday I just talked to Coach Anderson and he just keeps encouraging me to make the best decision for myself, and that's something I really respect from the coaches that I've been talking to," he said. "Coach Anderson is a real cool, calm and collective guy. He's not really on my back and he's saying to make the best decision for myself. He said that I can call him any day.
"He and my high school head coach have a really good relationship, I feel that little bond right there. Besides that, I've been talking to the wide receivers coach a little, and that's been OK, nothing overly exciting there, just pretty basic stuff."