Brown out called for Blue-White Game

Levi Brown is in an interesting position. He could be preparing for the NFL Draft. Instead, he finds himself at Penn State readying for his fifth and final season as a Nittany Lion.
At a news conference back in January, Brown and teammate Paul Posluszny both announced that they would be back for their senior seasons. On a teleconference Wednesday morning, Brown said that he has no regrets about his decision.
"I'm happy with the decision that I made," Brown said. "I think it was the best one for me and this team."
In fact, Brown hasn't thought much about the NFL Draft, although he will watch it to see where his former teammates land.
"Right now, I'm just focusing on getting myself better," Brown said.
With the 2006 season less than five months away, Brown is looked at as an anchor along the offensive line. He, along with Posluszny, are looked upon as leaders.
He's comfortable with that role.
"Since I'm the most experienced guy, most of the younger players look to me as far as adjustments you have to make on blocks and things like that. I have to take time and explain that stuff. The mental aspects, as far as going out and giving your hardest effort on every play," Brown said.
If you're hoping to see Brown play in the Blue-White Game on Saturday, don't. According to Brown, coaches plan on keeping him on the sidelines to get a look at some of the younger guys.
"I was told that I wasn't playing in this game at all. I doubt that I'm going to dress for this game," Brown said matter-of-factly.
That means some of the younger players will get a chance. So far, some of those youngsters have opened Brown's eyes. Give them time, he says, and they will do nothing but improve.
"I think they'll be more effective. Once the guys get more comfortable with the plays, they'll be able to take off 100 percent. Right now, you can tell that every now and then, they're a little unsure," Brown noted.
Brown said that John Shaw has really stood out this spring.
"John Shaw is doing great right now," he said. "He gives an all-out effort on every play. His technique may be a little flawed, but he gives you everything he's got. That's all you can ask for."
With Michael Robinson out of the picture, the offense will revolve around junior quarterback Anthony Morelli. Just how has Morelli looked? According to Brown, so far — so good.
"He's looking real good. The last practice we had, it just looked like everything was clicking for him. His passes were real crisp and his reads were excellent. Everyone started jelling together," Brown said.
A lot has been made about the difference between the two quarterbacks. Robinson was more of a scrambler, while Morelli is a pocket passer. But Brown said that too much is being made of that.
"I don't really think it means all that much. People are saying that Morelli isn't as mobile as Mike was. But I watch him in practice and he runs when he needs to and moves around in the pocket," Brown said. "I think we'll have the same type of offense we did last year."
We'll get a peek on Saturday.