Boldens Penn State future still uncertain

Blue White Illustrated had the opportunity to catch up with Penn State second-year quarterback Rob Bolden Sunday afternoon at the Nittany Lions' annual video game tournament benefiting Uplifting Athletes. Following a whirlwind of controversy to finish the year, have Bolden's intentions changed?
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The new year has been a tumultuous one for Penn State freshman quarterback Rob Bolden.
After seeking a transfer, then being denied by Nittany Lions' head coach Joe Paterno, Bolden decided to stay in Happy Valley, for the time being, anyway.
At a video game tournament benefiting Penn State's chapter of Uplifting Athletes in State College on Sunday afternoon, Bolden spoke with the media for the first time since the resolution to his transfer request in January.
When asked for an update on his status, Bolden revealed that his future at Penn State is still undetermined.
"There's no definite answer to whether I'm going to stay or if I'm going to leave," he said. "I'm just going to wait it out, see what happens during the spring and we'll see from there."
That said, Bolden went on to insist that while he is at Penn State, he's fully committed to competing for the starting quarterback position this spring.
"While I'm at Penn State, I'm fully at Penn State," he said. "I'll go through this and anything that happens after spring ball is up in the air. I'm here. I'm going to have fun. Enjoy myself, and that's it."
Part of his development as a quarterback this winter has come from extra time he's spent in the film room with former Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark, who has been training with the team during winter workouts.
After re-evaluating his performance as a freshman, Bolden revealed that he still has plenty to improve upon.
"I need to work on everything, my whole game needs to be bumped up," he said. "My freshman year, I got that out of the way. It's cool to get some snaps under my belt. Learn from that, move on, don't make the same mistakes twice, and play well."
With Penn State's spring practice session just three weeks away, Bolden said he is looking forward to his first go 'round at it.
"It's going to be the same as always," he said. "Competition. I'm gonna go in there and have fun with all my teammates and everything. Compete. It should be different. My first one, so I'm expecting great things from it."