Another setback for Still

Devon Still's season has been halted before it even began.
Following a year away from the gridiron due to a torn ACL during the preseason of his freshman season, Still's career will once again be delayed.
This time, it's due to a broken leg that he suffered during a scrimmage this afternoon.
According to BWI writer Sean Fitz's sources, Still was involved in a pile up and got landed on by one of his Nittany Lion teammates.
The extent of the injury remains uncertain at this time.
Last year, Still was devastated when he tore his left ACL during the first week of preseason practice.
Still was admittedly despondant after the injury.
"I was hurt," Still said in a July interview with BWI. "I was anticipating having a good season last year because I was doing well since I came in in July. Everything was just going so well and then when that happened, everything came down on me.
"When you see the team getting ready to play their first game and stuff and the coaches are talking about the game, it makes you a little emotional."
Although his attitude toward rehab suffered, Still said that he eventually realized he would have to work to get back to where he wanted to be.
"I didn't want to do it," Still said. "I really didn't put that much of an effort into it when I first got in there. Then I realized that as long as it takes me to understand that I'm going to do this to get better and back on the field."
By the time spring practice rolled around, Still wasn't quite back to where he wanted to be.
"I just basically did a lot of conditioning," he said. "But when they did one on ones, I was able to do them but they had me playing in."
When he was interviewed in July just before the Lift for Life event, Still said that he was essentially back to where he wanted to be.
"I'm doing everything now," he said. "Right now I don't really have that much of a hesitation because I know if I come out there with the idea that I'm going to get hurt again, then eventually, it's going to happen. But, if I just play like I'm back at 100 percent, I'm going to be good."
Unfortunately for Still, he'll once again have to work on getting back to that point.
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