September 12, 2010

2012 stars rave about UA-Penn State

Good day. First got there I got to talk to Coach Saban. Hung out with Reggie Ragland and Kwon Alexander and Marcus Turner and Cam Broadnack pretty much all day. We went around campus. Enjoyed the game.

Stadium as awesome. I don't think they wanted to show too much on offense. I talked to Coach Mac and he said they were just coming out to pound them.

I feel I've played pretty good so far. All around I'm definitely getting better game to game.

Kyron Samuels

"It was a different atmosphere than all of the other Alabama games I have been too because I had a chance to bond with other prospects. My junior class in the state is getting real tight, and we all sat around and pretty much talked about Alabama being where it is at right now and ho we all want to play together," said Samuels. "Myself, Michael Flint from Oxofrd, Reggie Ragland, Dakota Ball, Quay Evans, Kwon Alexander and Justin Shanks all just kicked it and talked about what a great time we were having. The environment was crazy, and it was fun seeing two teams with that much tradition play."

"Coach Pendry has told me Alabama is going to offer me pretty soon. They like me as a center, and I think they want me as their center signee for 2012. It would be a great opportunity and I feel very strongly about Alabama."

Marcus Turner

"To me, the best part was watching it on the sidelines and getting that view of everything. The main difference was you got to see how motivated they were before the game. Alabama is just so intense and focused on what they have in front of them that I don't think they notice all the other stuff going on at all. They are just 100 percent ready to play."

"I talked to Coach Pruitt and Coach Sunseri and they just talked a little about the gameplan and what they wanted to do as far as attacking Penn State. They have been talking to me about offering me, and I really think they want to see what I do my junior year before they make a decision.

Turner has two interception returns for touchdowns already his junior year, including a 103-yard return Friday night.

Quay Evans

"I loved every second of every minute of my trip. I saw Alabama last year when they played Mississippi State at Mississippi State, but this was the most fans I have ever seen in my life. I was disappointed my favorite player for Alabama, Marcel Dareus, didn't get a chance to play. I thought Alabama was missing something as far as rushing the passer. They bent a little but they didn't break which is a sign of a team with a lot of character.

"I think I talked to five coaches total, including my recruiting coach, Coach Bo Davis and Coach Saban. They all told me to keep up my hard work and to stay on top of things in the classroom."

"I think Miss. St. and Ole Miss stand out right now and Alabama is right behind them. I have the two in-state schools out front because my relationship with their coaches are a little better. Coach Chris Wilson at Miss. St. is probably the coach I am the closest with, but there is a chance I could wind up at any number of schools."

Reggie Ragland

"I have been to a lot of Alabama games, but this was probably the loudest. Just seeing what over 100,000 people together looked like was something else. It was as intense and loud as I have ever seen it."

"Me and Kwon Alexander and Jameis Winston all hung out and kicked it together. We really just all get along and it is really less about recruiting and stuff when we hang out. We just have a lot in common, and we all had a great time."

"I talked to almost all of the coaches. They were just glad I came and wanted to know how my season was going. They want me back soon, and I will probably be back for the Florida game if my schedule works out."

Dakota Ball

"The game was just awesome. The fans were crazy and loud, and I really get into the fan support so Alabama really stands out with their fans."

"I thought the defensive line got pressure on just about every play even though they didn't get to him a whole bunch. Penn State's quarterback was pretty shifty and good, so I think Alabama got the pressure they needed to when they had to come up with a stop. They all did a good job."

"Coach Bobby Williams and Coach Smart wanted to make sure I had a good time and enjoyed the game, and i told them I had a blast and couldn't wait to get back. I just really enjoyed myself."

"Alabama is on top for me, but I don't think I am committing anytime soon. I want to visit some more schools and really take my time because when I commit, that is going to be it."

Michael Flint

"It was a great game. The atmosphere was good and I like the way their offense gets after it and plays so physical. They are so well coached and disciplined. They are going to continue to be a favorite of mine.

"All of the top prospects that were there got to hang out together which was great. I got to hang out with my teammate Kwon and we all really just talked about what a great time we were having."

"The offensive line was physical and played very well all night long. they are a pretty young team so it shows you how well coached they are so they can perform like that. I want to play under a great coach because I want a chance to play in the NFL one day and Alabama has those type of coaches. I still want to get to know all of the coaches that are recruiting me so I am not listing any favorites right now."

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