February 11, 2010

The Best of...The class of 2010

Just Joshin' is a commentary article written by SoonerScoop.com associate editor Josh McCuistion. It's a lighthearted look at any topic possible relating to Oklahoma athletics.

It's time for the post-National Signing Day awards with Oklahoma having it's top 10 class of 29 committed prospects already in the 'barn', so to speak. Each year SoonerScoop.com passes on a favorite high school tradition, the senior awards. While we will use some of the traditional ideas we won't be judging who has the best smile or who is the most likely to stay single we will be talking about all sorts of things involving Oklahoma's highly-rated class of 2010.

Most Likely to be President: Brennan Clay

From his ability to quickly make friends to his understanding of networking and creating an image around himself and those he associates himself with this one seems a natural fit. However it's more than just social skill that makes Clay a future leader, at the end of the day he is just a likeable person who seems to win over all those who come into his presence.

Others receiving votes: Tyrus Thompson

Most Likely to Surprise: Quentin Hayes

This pick may really surprise some people but with the recent hire of Willie Martinez and his track record of producing safeties of a certain style this one seems as obvious as any. I also admit to thinking Hayes may not quite be getting his due as a three-star prospect after watching his junior film. Mix his skill-set and Martinez's track-record with similar players and this could be one of those players that you all point to four years down the road as to why 'rankings don't matter'.

Others receiving votes: Adam Shead

Mr. Athletic Department: Trey Franks

There are several quality basketball players in this class, even a few baseball stars, but there is no player that so completely brings success to his school as the track superstar from the Golden Triangle. Franks brought home multiple individual state titles last season as a junior and as such was a crucial element of West Orange-Stark's team state title last track season.

Others receiving votes: Blake Bell

The Ugly Duckling: Austin Haywood

Now before anyone that knows Haywood goes running to him and my life suddenly hangs in limbo, please understand this is a lot more about being an overlooked player than any shortcomings in his physical appearance. This time last year Haywood was little more than a guy that Southmoore coaches were selling hard and having little luck trying to get anyone in the world to listen. I admit even I was skeptical but he has a chance to be a special player for the Sooners.

Now, let's all say a little prayer for yours truly that Haywood and co. read more than the headline on this segment.

Others receiving votes: Eric Humphrey

The Human Battering Ram: Tony Jefferson

Man this thing is almost too easy. Jefferson plays with such little concern for the damage he not only inflicts upon others, but himself, that even as a football fantastic it's hard not to worry about his future health. Here's to hoping none of you ever give reason to lower the boom.

Others receiving votes: Trey Millard

A Quarterback's Best Friend: Daryl Williams

Now it will be interesting to see if Oklahoma has a left-handed quarterback in the future but as things stand now a left tackle will be protecting Oklahoma's quarterbacks blind-side. And while he may not be as highly ranked as a few others in his class Williams is the player who seems most likely to man the position moving forward. It's important to remember that some of the elite left tackles recently drafted in the NFL were similarly long and lean prospects coming out of the high school ranks, most notably D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

Others receiving votes: Austin Woods

The Mouth of the South: Joe Powell

Oh this one was never in doubt. There flat out isn't a player who has more belief in his ability or more desire to let you know about said abilities. The skilled receiver isn't the biggest or fastest guy out there but it's hard to deny that every time you watch him play he is just making plays all over the field. And yes, I fully expect Joe to let me know that he'll show me why he should have been a five-star.

Others receiving votes: Julian Wilson

Poker Face: Corey Nelson

Nelson kept everyone guessing on what he might do for several months. Even I have to admit that I had all but written things off within 24-hours prior to signing with Oklahoma. Nelson was holding a flush and I was fooled into thinking he was playing high-card.

Others receiving votes: Geneo Grissom

The Quiet Game: Daniel Noble

I may need to whisper this as Noble has been one of the quietest kids I've ever covered. He committee dearly, quietly went about a stellar senior season and was never one to fuss or worry about his ranking. Basically one of the easiest, and most difficult, guys to cover that I can remember.

Others receiving votes: Sheldon McClain

The Throwback: Justin McCay

McCay is one of several guys in this class who could play on either side of the ball for the Sooners. While he will definitely play at wide receiver when he arrives he could help in several different areas. The nicest piece of that reality is that should things not go correctly at wide receiver McCay could end up being one of the more talented lienbackers to work under Brent Venables.

Others receiving votes: Trey Franks

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