December 4, 2009

'Greatest feeling I have ever had as a dad'

EAST LANSING - For most Michigan State fans at the Breslin Center, the Spartans' 72-60 win over Wofford was a ho-hum non-conference game an overmatched opponent from a conference few could name.

For Nathan and Kathy Dahlman, the parents of Isaiah Dahlman and Noah Dahlman, Friday's game between Wofford and Michigan State was a priceless memory to see both of their boys compete against one another in one of college basketball's best environments.

"Isaiah said 'dad you have to see the environment, you have to see the environment'," recalled Nathan Dahlman. "'You have to see all the people in white shirts jumping up and down.' But when I had my two boys out there, that didn't mean anything to me - the cheerleaders, the free things they threw up into the stands - I just wanted to watch how my two boys interacted with each other. When they were introduced and went to center court at the beginning of the game and hugged, I lost it. The tears started flowing down my face and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was the greatest feeling that I have ever had as a dad, right there."

When he learned that Michigan State captains Raymar Morgan and Kalin Lucas both told their head coach that they would be willing to come off the bench so that Dahlman could start against his brother, Nathan Dahlman was again moved by emotion.

"This is about a team, it is not about individuals all of the time," said Mr. Dahlman. "There are kids on this team a lot more talented than Isaiah. The fact that they did that for him, my gosh, that is amazing."

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